Automation and Control Systems

Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

A combination of systems that allows centralized control of navigation, communication, and other bridge functions.

Engine Management System

Monitors and controls the ship's engines, optimizing performance and fuel consumption.

Dynamic Positioning System

Automatically maintains a ship's position and heading using its propulsion system.

Ballast Water Management System

Automates the process of taking in or discharging ballast water to maintain stability.

Cargo Handling and Monitoring System

Manages the loading, stowage, and unloading of cargo, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

HVAC Control System

Automates the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning onboard to maintain a comfortable environment.

Power Management System

Monitors and controls the distribution of electrical power throughout the ship.

Safety and Security Systems

Includes fire detection, suppression systems, and security surveillance, all integrated for centralized monitoring.

Fuel Monitoring System

Tracks fuel consumption, helping in optimizing routes and speeds.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Allows off-site experts to monitor ship systems and assist in troubleshooting.